In this video, Ike McWhorter, Fire Ecologist for the US Forest Service discusses how Fox Hunters Hill is an important location for longleaf. 

Ike McWhorter on Fox Hunters Hill and Pine Hill Bluestem Audio Transcription

Fox Hunters Hill has a great example of the under story community that occurs in these Longleaf Pine uplands. This is what it looked like historically. It’s basically grasses and forbs and the dominant grass here is called Pine Hill Bluestem, it’s a variety of Little Bluestem that grows here in the Eastern forest and it really makes up a great majority of the vegetation.

It is great for wildlife habitat, it’s also a great carrier of fire, it’s a bunch grass so it forms a nice bunch of dried needles or dried leaves at the base that carry real well. And this is what we see out here the tall straw colored grasses are primarily Pine Hill Bluestem.