Texas Longleaf Team ​

The Texas Longleaf Team is a group of individuals, organizations and agencies that share a passion for the longleaf pine.  Together, we work to restore longleaf pine ecosystems on private and public forestlands in the state of Texas.

Texas Longleaf Team History

The Texas Longleaf Taskforce was created in 2010 to promote the restoration of Longleaf pine on private and public forestlands in the state of Texas. The Taskforce started as a broad stakeholder group of private landowners, state and federal agencies, and industry members. It included non-profit organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Texas Forestry Association, and the National Wild Turkey Federation and now has over 250 participants.

In 2014, the Taskforce developed a steering committee of 15 conservation organizations known as the Texas Longleaf Team (TLT). The TLT operates under a formalized Declaration of Partnership signed by the state wide leader of each organization. This TLT structure is similar to America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative (ALRI) and the associated Longleaf Partnership Council. The TLT strategy is focused on two areas of East Texas: Longleaf Ridge and Big Thicket. These areas have been identified in the ALRI’s “Range-wide Conservation Plan” (2009) as “Significant Geographic Areas” (SGAs). SGA’s are concentrated areas within the historic range of longleaf where some existing stands of longleaf can still be found such as National Forests, State Forests, National Park Service Preserves, conservation holdings, and others.

Central to TLT's overarching goals, the team has a number of ongoing efforts concerning the Longleaf Pine forest system in East Texas (courtesy of The Nature Conservancy). TLT also participates in a number of East Texas Longleaf restoration projects.

TLT Vision

Maintain, improve, and restore functional longleaf pine ecosystems that provide sustainable economic, ecological, and social values.

TLT Mission

Promote the maintenance and restoration of the longleaf pine ecosystem on private and public forestlands, including its cultural and economic values, through a collaborative network of diverse stakeholders and working groups. Find and connect interested land owners to funding and assistance programs for longleaf.

TLT Goals

  1. Provide technical assistance to private landowners
  2. Increase educational opportunities for practitioners and landowners
  3. Improve collaboration and partnerships
  4. Seek funding to assist longleaf restoration

This team respects private landowner rights and land owner management objectives.


The Longleaf Alliance

The mission of The Longleaf Alliance is to ensure a sustainable future for the longleaf pine ecosystem through partnerships, landowner assistance and science-based education and outreach.

The Longleaf Alliance works to guide the education effort through workshops, Longleaf Academies, the Longleaf Leader magazine, a website, and publications.  The Longleaf Alliance also develops and leads implementation teams where needed and collaborates with all partners to achieve the common goal of longleaf ecosystem restoration.


America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative

The America's Longleaf Restoration Initiative (ALRI) is a collaborative effort of multiple public and private sector partners that actively supports range-wide efforts to restore and conserve longleaf pine ecosystems. The vision of the partners involved in the ALRI is to have functional, viable longleaf pine ecosystems with the full spectrum of ecological, economic and social values inspired through the voluntary involvement of motivated organizations and individuals.